mother farms

The Egyptian French Company has been established since 2013 In Egyptian French our definition is a little simpler. We are the ones who can put a smile on faces, we work to spread smiles and open the doors of happiness every day all over the world ... through our products and we are distinguished by diversity and quality in various special types and we are proud that our products are with Egyptian hands and foreign expertise and on Egyptian soil with the latest equipment, technology and style Sophisticated scientific that befits our name in the global market and in the name of our beloved Egypt and our generous customers. We are also working on introducing a different concept in the field of food industries based on advanced technology in manufacturing in an effort to provide a distinguished level of quality in the fields of food industries Our company is considered one of the largest international companies in the field of food industries as it has friendly companies all over the world in the field of food industries and companies in the field of manufacturing raw materials, export and import and the manufacture of metal structures