ceo message

The path to success is an endless journey, and the secret of that success is the steadfastness of the goal. Our goal was to set a clear vision for our future and develop our present. Yesterday we started with a single project. Today, we have a large, The latest management systems are applied in the management of systems and facilities, looking not only to expand locally and regionally, but also to aspire to universality at all levels, system, management and spread.
Yassin for domestic investment has entered a very important stage in the Egyptian state's growth and prosperity. Over the past 15 years , yassin has succeeded in establishing unprecedented standards in the field of domestic investment  . Wise under our wise government, are in line with Vision 2030 of The Egyptian Arabic Republic .
We have all the praise and competence in food industry sector, through steady and continuous steps of hard work and hard work in our journey, which has achieved high experience, we have been silent on the most important projects and government infrastructure and other large and difficult projects that required careful attention to detail and management planning crew great work and many of the basic resources that contributed to the distinction (Egyptian French Company) among all ..
Egyptian French company is an endless success story, thanks to God and then thanks to the successful management of the administrative staff which aims to achieve the architectural renaissance of The Egyptian Arabic Republic and contribute to the elimination of unemployment by investing in major projects and providing job opportunities and training and qualifying them to be able to produce and contribute. In construction and development on the basis and responsibility of the company.

Chairman’s Message
Mr / Mohamed yassin