About us

Yassin Poultry Investment Company

Yassin Domestic Investment Company is one of the Egyptian French group
Year 2018:
The company was established.
Year 2019: The start of actual production with a capacity of half a million fattening birds in the unit cycle.
Year 2020: the production capacity has been increased to one million fattening birds per cycle.
Year 2021: Increasing production capacity to one and a half million fattening birds.
It is intended to open an automated slaughterhouse to prepare poultry meat, wrap it and put it on the market for consumers.
It is aimed to achieve self-sufficiency in medicines and immunizations related to domestic production activity and to work on disseminating and marketing them in the local Egyptian market.
Year 2022: It is scheduled to increase the production capacity to 2 million fattening birds per cycle, with the expansion of production activity to include Poultry mother farms to produce the company's chick.
- All the feed used on the farm is produced by our factory